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The Kaltenborn Spring Tour 2012!

It's a new year with lot's of movements planned!

Starting the 25th of january, I'm going to the huge comic festival in Angouleme/France with good colleagues from No Comprendo Press. We'll bring a give away magazine with norwegian comics translated to french, called BLEKK! Supported by the norwegian consulate in france. Visit our table in the indie tent to get a copy!

From France I'm heading to RIO where I'll hook up with long time cousin and collaborator Daniel Herskedal! Frying on the beaches of Copacabana, I'll be working like crazy on my next book untill the 19th of february.

The 28th of february I'm heading over to Bologna where I'll put up an exhibition at gallery RAM HOTEL as part of the Bilbolbul festival!

The 28th of march I'll go to Bastia to hang another exhibition for this festival, together with many eminent norwegian comic artists.

In the end of april I'll go to New York for the MoCCA festival as well as doing som hard work with Sindre Goksøyr!


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